martes, 1 de noviembre de 2011

DUO - Contest #2: Your favorite DUO lure

Contest #2: Your favorite DUO lure

As I promised, due to positive reaction which we have received and also as a sign of gratitude to all our fans, there will be a contest at our website every month now.

Last time we had some fun with guessing the lures from the picture, however since DUO is new to many countries, some of our fans may not be so well-accustomed with our range.

That is why today the contest question will be much easier(more of a survey really). To win a set of lures and some promotional items, all you need to do is let us know which is your favourite lure from our range. It may a lure you have tried and use regularly or a lure which you would like to try. Leave that up to you.

Three of you lucky contestants will win a set of lures and some more promotional items.

The rules are staying the same as before – you have to be a fan of DUO at Facebook( to apply. Send your answers to and put My favorite DUO Lure in the subject.

The deadline for the contest is 25th November, 5PM.

Very curious to read the answers.

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